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Tom Beaujour is the owner and operator of Nuthouse Recording in Hoboken, NJ. A producer, engineer, mixer, and songwriter who has he has had his music used in feature films and television shows like The OC and Orange is the New Black. Music that he has produced, mixed, and engineered has appeared on Parenthood, The Ghost Whisperer, One Tree Hill, Orange is the New Black, Private Practice, John Tucker Must Die, I’m Reed Fish, Think Like a Man, Won’t Back Down, and Underemployed, as well as in commercials for Ford and Chase bank.

As a guitarist, Beaujour played in the bands Shake Appeal and True Love as well as with Television guitarist Richard Lloyd, Tammy Faye Starlite, and Inger Lorre of the Nymphs. He currently plays with Jennifer O’Connor and Tim Foljahn.

Beaujour likes people to leave his studio satisfied, smiling, and most importantly, proud of what they’ve accomplished while working with him.

The squirrel thing is easier explained in person.

Visit Tom Beaujour’s producer page here.


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